Garage doors comprise a lot of components, any of which may get worn out or damaged due to several reasons. This is why regular maintenance and tune-ups are always a good idea. Nevertheless, even with regular maintenance checks, there may come the point where you need a professional garage door repair service.

But first, you need to know that treating your garage door problems by yourself may not be a very good idea, as it may turn dangerous and should be handled professionally. The following listed are some of the situations where you need to call for professional help.

  • Stuck doors, not opening or closing or moving
  • The opener switch refuses to budge
  • Inactive keypad
  • Remote control issues
  • Motor running without the door responding to it
  • Unusual loud noises made by the door while opening or closing
  • Slow movement of the door
  • Door seemingly falls instead of rolling down with ease
  • Safety lens is not working
  • Damage to the mounting brackets and metal tracks
  • Loose fasteners and bolts
  • Denting or rusting of tracks
  • Breakage or bending in tracks, rails, and brackets
  • Broken springs and hinges
  • Broken or weakened cables


If you are facing any one or more of these troubles, it’s time to call a garage door repairman.


PDX Garage Door repairs for commercial and industrial doors

If you are not sure what has gone awry, just call PDX Garage Door.

PDX Garage Door offers specialized garage door repair services throughout Portland, Oregon. Our repair services cover a wide range of problems. Call PDX Garage Door, and our team will arrive with our specialized equipment to diagnose the problem and skillfully repair or replace the parts to get your garage door working again. 

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